Me and My Laptop


Here’s a weird thing (Does anyone else do this?) When I watch TV, my laptop sits in front of me, usually with about 7 or 8 tabs open.  I alternate from tab to tab:  email, sweepstakes, shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, news, etc.  I don’t stay on one thing too long, and it continues for, like, hours.

My son recently asked me, “When was the last time you watched something without having your computer open?.”  It got me thinking about just how odd of a habit that it is.  I think the multi-tasking is meant to prevent boredom, but not take anything away from what I’m watching or who’s around.  In other words, not too much concentration for too long of a time.  I mean, sometimes you get caught up in reading something and may miss a big play in the football game, but most of the time it’s not a problem.  (Sounds like denial, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, the other night, I decided to watch a movie without the laptop.  I got all comfy in my recliner, cuddled with my blanket, and actually enjoyed myself.  It was so much more relaxing!  I know, this should have been obvious to me, but you get into habits and they sometimes grow legs and sprint.  So I’ve decided to give myself “computer time”, just like we do for kids.  I will set a specific time to put the laptop away.  To be more engaged in those around me and just enjoy the act of doing just one thing.

I guarantee I’ll start falling asleep in front of the TV more often, but we’ll just deal with that problem when it arises.  There are probably a few who don’t think I’ll do it (It’s been a habit for a long time).  I think I will.  I think I’ll sleep better with wind down in front of the TV time.

It’s strange how these technical devices have become so much to all of us.  I can’t imagine traveling somewhere without my laptop or phone!  It is so easy for us to get into habits with these devices.  How often do you look around and just notice the majority of people looking at their phones or taking pictures with them?

So, my shut down time is approaching, so I’d better sign off for now.

Peace from me and my precious, I mean, my laptop.




If you know someone who can relate, feel free to share!

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