The Bings

Best TV Spinoff idea EVER:

  • We visit Chandler and Monica from Friends in present day. They raised their kids in the suburbs, and they are currently YouTube sensations who still live at home.
  • Joey, the father of three kids by three different moms, lives above their garage and still thinks he’s “God’s Gift to Women.”
  • Rachel and Ross visit at Christmas, but have now been living in Paris for years and living large.
  • They are very patronizing to Monica and Chandler and Rachel has developed an odd pseudo-European accent.
  • Ben (Ross’ son) is a highly successful bisexual, who has been married twice…once to a woman, once to a man…but is now dating a much younger woman.
  • Their daughter Emma has a ton of tattoos and is “finding herself, all over Europe.”
  • Phoebe and Mike are still together and have started a commune in Arizona and are raising alpacas.
  • They have 3 children all named Ever.
  • What do you think?


If you know someone who can relate, feel free to share!

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