I Don’t Know What Happened to October

It seems to be just one thing after another for me lately.  Money issues, injuries, migraines, frustration with the medical system and doctors, trying unsuccessfully to restart a exercise regime and having the previous injuries and health issues make me start over again and again.  There were several family birthdays, a couple get-togethers, visits from family, decent weather, frustration that cold weather clothes don’t fit, couple spats and couple cuddles.  Oh, and all that by barely leaving the house!

Not to mention the weirdest election in the history of time.

I’m not sure I want to even talk about the election.  I was disappointed months ago when I realized who my choices were.  I absolutely despise Donald Trump and have never liked or trusted Hilary.  Watching the debates literally made my stomach hurt.  All day of the election my stomach hurt just realizing the next day one of them would become President of the United States.  The stomach aches didn’t cease when I heard the results, and I’m pretty sure that it still would have hurt if it had gone the other way.  Maybe I just have a nervous stomach, or maybe what I was feeling was foreboding, or maybe it was just fear.

The truth of the matter is, our government is messed up.  The partisanship is ridiculous, there is very little cooperation and lots of corruption.  Lobbyists and big business have too big of a role.  What better sign of a messed up government is it that out of all the Republicans that started the campaign, Trump was the best they could come up with?  On the Democrat side, Bernie never stood a chance against the political machine that was Hilary Clinton and her supporters.  I mean, was she really the best person they could come up with?

We as the people suffer the consequences  of this messed up system that needs reform perhaps more than anything else and before anything else.

OK.  I’m done.  I am trying to avoid over-talking about this.  We knew one of these idiots were going to be President for a while now and we also knew it was going to be close.  The results are in and as much as I throw up a little in my mouth when I say this, for the next four years we are living with President Donald Trump.

I just hope he doesn’t put TRUMP on the White House.



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