The Beginning

I have always been a person who exercises.  A long time ago, I was even a certified personal trainer.  Since 2003, when health issues changed my life forever, it has been more of a struggle to be active.  Over the years I’ve tried lots of different programs and types, but my main form of exercise by far is walking.  Everywhere I’ve lived is remembered more vividly because of the miles I trekked regularly.

When I walk, I listen to music and go almost completely into my own world.  I smile at passersby, and pay attention to my surroundings, but I’m very much inside my own mind.  Sometimes I pray.  Sometimes I go over my to-do list or give myself pep talks.  Sometimes I just listen to the music.  I just put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

Back in February, I received a Fitbit Charge 2 for my birthday.  For those unfamiliar, Fitbits are activity trackers.  The Charge 2 keeps track of your steps, the number of floors you climbed, the distance you traveled, the calories you burned, and the amount of minutes you spend active.  It also measures your sleep patterns, tracks your exercise, and keeps track of your heart rate.  As a weight loss or weight management tool, you can keep a food log, and Fitbit will track your calories, macros (fat, protein, carbohydrates), and will allow you to set diet goals and see your progress.  There is also a water intake log and tracker to remind you to stay hydrated.

It’s a lot.  In fact, when I first started using the Fitbit, I really only focused on the steps I was taking and my sleep.  I had read somewhere that people who took under 5,000 steps a day were considered sedentary, so I set that as my daily goal.

This is when the strange act of me just getting up and walking around at random times came to be.  When you cannot work and you are stuck at home, it’s easy to become sedentary.  So my first goal was to not be sedentary.  Most of the time, I have to do that by just walking around my house.

Since then, I have added new goals (to be discussed later), but my current step goal is up to 6,500, and there is rarely a day I go below 5,000.  Once I hit 6,500 more days than not, I will increase the steps again, until I get to my ultimate goal, which is 10,000 steps per day.

I work best with goals and believe in doing things in steps so I don’t get overwhelmed.  Since I am still pretty close to the beginning of all of this, I decided to write it down.  If I stick to this for once, I’ll share my successes and failures, and set new goals as I go.

Goal number 1:  Don’t be sedentary, 5,000 steps a day…………..REACHED!

New goal:  6,500 steps a day

Next up:  Active hours

If you know someone who can relate, feel free to share!

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